Technical Notice 03-12-08 – Catalytic Converters

There is a growing number of alleged warranty claims on Catalytic Converters (part numbers 642525 or 642583) due to Catalyst Efficiency fault codes (PO 420) and / or the vehicle failing an emissions test, after the completion of numerous drive cycles

By |December 31st, 2015|News|

Tech Tip: Bleeding the Steering System

This tech tip from Vision-OE provides instructions on how to bleed the steering system.

By |June 2nd, 2015|News|

Michelin Tire Paste Special

Passenger/light duty formula, designed for alloy wheels, low profile, and fun flat tires. Regular price is $30.26 for each 3.4kg pail. Special: purchase one pail for $22.95 each or purchase three pails for $18.95 each.

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Premium Coated Rotors and Drums

Peterborough Automotive, ProMax, and Bestbuy are leading the way in aftermarket friction products.

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In Memoriam – Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson passed away Sunday, August 31st. Rod co-founded Peterborough Automotive in 1986 with partner Doug Barraball.

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Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program

The Municipal Hazardous or Special waste (MHSW) Program began operating as the Orange Drop Program in July 2008.

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